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New Website Design

Why You Need a New Website Design?

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In today’s age of modern technology, where the internet is available everywhere you look, even on your mobile phone, you are missing out on huge opportunities by not having a website. 


Everyone starts with their favourite search engine like Google, when they want a question answered; want to know the weather forecast; and who to go to for a product or service they need. Yellow Pages is dead, collecting dust in a forgotten corner of the house or office.  The writing is on the wall for all business owners to modernise and get a new website designed  to promote and market their products and services 24 hours a day online.    


You have two choices, GO ONLINE, or get LEFT BEHIND!


You agree the only way to move forward with your business is to organise for a New Website, but need to make a start!.  Well, best place to start is to simply give our friendly staff a quick call, just to have a friendly obligation free chat on 07 3821 6200, we talk to you about the sorts of things you need to know about in preparing and planning for your new website.  If you are local, stop by our office & we can organise a no obligation free consultation meeting, or we can manage our meetings over the phone.  Alternatively, if you are just feeling the waters, and would like to have a few questions answered by email, it’s easy, just fill in the Enquiry Form, to the right on this screen.  We promise to reply with friendly easy to read answers, within one business day.

What is a Website For?


purpose of websiteTo understand how to build a website that's going to bring you more business and make you more money you need to understand the fundamental reason why people use the internet.


Consider that the real reason people use the internet is not to buy anything. The real reason is not for entertainment and not even to do the banking. Those might be the reasons people give, but not the real reason.


The real reason people use the internet is because they have a problem, and they are looking for information which will solve their problem. Every activity on the internet is a variation on that theme.


We can build you any website you want. That's easy. But if you want a website that is

    • easy for your customers to get exactly what they came for
    • simple for you to deliver what they are looking for
    • presents your business in a professional manner without you having to tell everyone (am I the only one who gets frustrated with people who tell me how awesome they are?)
    • is built for marketing, lead generation and sales
    • and is easy to find...


...you need to talk with someone who's dedicated to more than just the usual churn and burn tactics most web design companies employ.


What works will be unique to your business and what you want to achieve. Talking any further here about design and the world of web 2.0 will only confuse matters and leave you thinking you need to have it all. Which you don't.



"Designing a website is a highly iterative process and we knew we needed a web designer and hosting that would allow us to work through the content ourselves directly using the web editing software. We had been putting off implementing a new website, but we needed someone we could trust before committing to the project plus give us this 'hands on' approach we needed.


We now have a much more comprehensive and informative site that represents our business appropriately because we were able to write most of the content. We also now have the knowledge to keep our new site current and hopefully useful to our potential new and existing patients."

                           •  Dr John Hackwood, Toothwise.



Place your details into our contact form, so we can learn what you need, and why, so we can reveal to you what it really takes to make your business a sucess


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Website Redesign

You need some redesign work on your existing Website.


Some tweaking and adjustments is all it's going to take, but you don't want to be left with an unmanageable mess.




Content Maintenance

Nothing major. Just a little change to the text. But you've been floundering with it for two days.


Keep it current while keeping your sanity.