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You command the content, but the Nerds Write the Code

Your website is a window into your business. And while many business owners and managers understand the need to keep updating their site, it doesn't happen. Why?


  • "I just keep running out of time!"
  • "I don't know what to write!"
  • "Hyper Text Markup Language...What the?"
  • "My current web designer lives in a cone of silence!" 



The problem for many is simple updates can turn to fiddly hair pulling nightmares in a flash if they don't understand html code, php, javascript, Mysql or Apache. One innocently placed space, forward slash or semi-colon can send the whole site sideways. You might even check your work and think it's fine only to discover that while it's prefect in Microsoft Explorer, it's a dogs breakfast in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.


And so because of all this, websites sit and do nothing. Static and unchanging. A window into a business that was. Not the business that is.


Rather than loosing your hair over a task which should be nothing more than a quick adjustment, get back to being in control. Spare yourself the frustration of time and money lost over simple changes and show your customers how on the pulse you are as they sneak a peek through your window.


Let us be the nerds and you can get back to being the business owner.
We can:

    • Change text so your business remains current
    • Change images so people know what you look like today (Don’t worry, you look great)
    • Add new pages keeping Google interested and bringing more traffic
    • Adding media files, including video and audio to enhance the visitor experience and add some personality. You like to see and hear real people, don't you?
    • Update product catalogues to keep the money machine working
    • Make design alterations so everything fits and everything flows
    • Place ads to advertise new offers so regular visitors buy more

 What works will be unique to your business and what you want to achieve. Talking any further here about maintenance options will only confuse matters and leave you thinking you need to have it all. Which you don't.


Place your details into the form below so we can learn what you need, and why, and reveal what it's really going to take.


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Website Design

You need to build a new website from Scratch

Maybe it's the first time,

Maybe the last one was a flop.


Get Your Website on the right path from the beginning. 



Website Redesign

You need some redesign work on your existing Website.


Some tweaking and adjustments is all it's going to take, but you don't want to be left with an unmanageable mess.