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Why choose us?

We know the Games, we know the issues, we know the solutions.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection

All our servers include proprietary 5 TB/s DDoS protection to protect you from attacks.

Enterprise Hardware

High Performance

All of our Game Servers run on a 4.4GHz Minimum cutting edge CPU

Instant Setup

Instant Setup

Start your gaming fun without delay with instant, auto-installed servers in just few seconds.

SSD Powered

SSD Storage

Our NVM.e SSD servers are unmetered for all account types and plans!

Backup Files

Unlimited Slots

All of our Game Servers include free Server Slots.

User Friendly Panel

Control Panel

Stop/Start, install mods, create your own scheduled tasks or reinstall your server.

Game Servers

Choose from over 4 different games

Top-tier performance and reliability

Server Locations

Our servers, are currently hosted in Sydney. To bring performace, like no other world-wide is a challenge.

We want to expand our game library as far as we can by the end of 2023 while keeping it all easy, simple and ever better kepping it priced low!

Australia Australia, Sydney

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