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Pixel Blaze website design BrisbaneThinking about a New Website or Website Redesign? Don't know where to start?  The technology is confusing? Keep hearing about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but not sure what this is?


You're a business owner, or individual and decided it's high time you had a website! Alternatively you may already have a website, that is dated and in urgent need of some attention.  Where do you start with a website, when the technology behind it is so complex and hard to understand. What exactly do you need to put on your website? Do you get a headache just thinking about it? Well, fortunately you have found our website. We actually specialise in looking after the smaller company (or individuals), especially those that are a little hesitant and lack the confidence to proceed. 


If you are looking for a small, friendly Website Design company that goes the extra mile to listen to your needs, and who take extra care in explaining the web design process to you and to explain in plain simple english the confusing terminology such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), then why not just fill in your contact details in our Quick Contact Form on the right side of your screen, or just give our friendly team a call on 07 3821 6200  to organise free consultation.   


Our Promise to You!


  • Friendly and expert assistance that you need in your decision making throughout the development of your website.
  • To ensure you end up with the an individualised website that gives your viewers a visually exciting, innovative, easy to navigate website
  • Experts who can assist you in developing text content to ensure you send astrong and persuasive message through to your prospects
  • Experienced, result-driven professionals to help direct more traffic to your website


Need to Know More!


Just fill in the form to the right of the screen, leave us your details, and we promise to get back to you within one business day. Or call us during business hours on 07 3821 6200, for a no obligation friendly discussion. Alternatively if you feel like reading a little more, then chances are you will find what you need to know in one of the three categories you can click on below:



Website Design

You need to build a new website from Scratch

Maybe it's the first time,

Maybe the last one was a flop.

Get Your Website on the right path from the beginning.


Website Redesign

You need some redesign work on your existing Website.

Some tweaking and adjustments is all it's going to take, but you don't want to be left with an unmanageable mess.


Content Maintenance

Nothing major. Just a little change to the text. But you've been floundering with it for two days.

Keep it current while keeping your sanity.


Client Testimonial

"Designing a website is a highly iterative process and we knew we needed a web designer and hosting that would allow us to work through the content ourselves directly using the web editing software. We had been putting off implementing a new website, but we needed someone we could trust before committing to the project plus give us this 'hands on' approach we needed.

We now have a much more comprehensive and informative site that represents our business appropriately because we were able to write most of the content. We also now have the knowledge to keep our new site current and hopefully useful to our potential new and existing patients."

Dr John Hackwood, Toothwise.